Video Formats & Media Changes

by Kim Alexander

Candy_DirkWe’ve been talking a lot about video formats. Some of you might be old enough to remember the VHS/Beta wars – if not ask your Mom or Dad! Beta was the looser of that one. NO one wants to experience that again because if you bough Beta, you lost money AND ended up with a bunch of stuff you couldn’t look at!

We started shooting weddings 20 years ago when the latest and greatest was VHS. Big bulky cameras, big bulky cassettes, etc. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the stuff we have in storage! We can’t even view it any more! Even the Mini-DV cassettes we eventually went to are considered laughably bulky now.

We are currently shooting with professional HD cameras. The footage is captured on SD cards and stored on hard drives. Storage is definitely not such a problem now.

So let’s talk about the final product – We’ve spent a couple of years shooting HD footage and delivering the edits in Standard Definition on DVDs – that way you don’t have to have a Blu-ray player to look at the video. We initially set that as our standard because at the time, Blu-ray players were pretty expensive and not many people had them. It looks pretty good on your HD TV or computer.

But if you edit to Blu-ray and show it on a HDTV or computer – it’s quite a bit nicer!!

If you don’t have a Blu-ray player, it’s really cheap to get one – around $40. And this format will also play on your computer as long as it has a Blu-ray drive. So we’re planning a move to delivering all of our edits in Blu-ray.

Another option is to deliver videos in HD on flash drives or SD cards instead of discs. Many TVs can play video from USB ports, or you can load the files onto your iPad, computer, Roku or whatever device you prefer to watch on.

In the future, physical media will be pretty much replaced by server and cloud storage, so we’ll most likely be changing all that again in a couple of years.

Let us know how you would prefer to watch your video – we welcome feedback. And if you still want your video on DVD, of course we will accommodate you.